Deborah Seban, Marketing and Business Consultant

  • Boost and facilitate your GROWTH

My aim is to boost and facilitate the growth experiences of People, Brands and Businesses.

  • From the core to the EXPERIENCE

By working on Core Values and Identity of each one.

  • As a consequence your PERFORMANCES

Diffuse the Brand DNA at all stage of the Brand and Customer Experience to optimize the sales results and create strong and sustainable expansion.

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The Core of your Business

You may always have wanted to achieve performances,

You may always have worked with and  for competition,

You may always have been used to working hard.

So that you can achieve your goals, increase your KPI, grow your Business.

What if I told you that there are other ways to do,

that would allow you to make better performances, easier.


How would you feel to hear about it ?


Let me tell you about my Experience

I've been working 15 years in big companies : Mercedes, Rodier, Air Liquide in the field of Sales and Marketing Departments.

I've been managing, coaching and training sales teams. I was also in charge of the coordination and analysis of the KPI for the whole retail, so that we could drive the company and its growth.

Since, there were behaviours, visions, values, that were hurting me deep inside. Competition and running by performance mostly.

Strategies, goals and actions were even targeted and taken, against the Company profit, to one or another man benefit.

In the meantime, I saw Businessmen that were themselves suffering. But they didn't know how to to do handle this all, how to behave in other ways. Or, they weren't even thinking that some other ways could even exist.

Besides, as I  implemented other processes, my team and I and the shops I managed on my area, we all made huge performances, even better than those on the other areas.

Moreover, my teams and I embodied the Vision, the Values and the Brand's Identity, as I transmitted it to them.

So, when I leaved Mercedes in 2011, I decided to contribute to a new way to Experience Business, Sales and Marketing. I modeled my own process (see below). Ever since, I transmit it trough coaching, consulting and trainings. And I must say that my customers Thanks God, make wonderful performances, growth, and amazing Business Experiences !

Deborah Seban - Core Business Experience

The 3 steps of the B.E.E. Experience

Instead of focusing on Performance

Open up to Experience