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Elevate Your Customer Experience

Align  your Customer Experiences to the Core of your Brand.


Create Loyalty, Beauty, Harmony and sustainable Growth

You may have already worked on your Brand's DNA,

on your Company's Why,


Vision, and Values. 

You may even have designed a memorable Customer Experience journey.


But instead of making  extraordinary customer experiences over and over again. 

Instead of putting additional effort and budget on the external part of your customer experience, there's a way to leverage your performance and your customer experience.

It will make a real and profond difference between your Brand and your competition and enhance your KPI's, first and foremost, customer loyalty. 


That's, the Soul of your Brand, its Essence.

The one and only part of your Brand that no other Brand can compete with or steal : the Core of Your Brand.


I'm Deborah. I’m a Brand & Customer Experience Choreographer.


Thanks to the « Elevate your Brand » Experience, deployed in the B.E.E. Process I created, I will guide you to reconnect with the CORE OF YOUR BRAND, aligning and deploying it through your CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE, your Branding and Marketing.


With BEE step by step process You will optimize your PERFORMANCE, and create LOYALTY, BEAUTY, HARMONY and SUSTAINABLE growth.

Let's work together to create and elevate your Customer Experience in Israeli market. And then we can discuss  exporting your Brand to Europe  offering clients high-end  Customer Experience.

The B.E.E. Customer Experience

Boost Experience Expand
by Deborah S.


step #01

RECONNECT the Core of your Brand, its Soul


step #012

  • Spread its uniqueness in your Marketing, Communication, Products.

deborah seban customer experiences officer.jpg

step #03
Experience - Elevate - Expand

  • Re-design or Create  your Customer Experiences Journey.

  • We may audit your CX in your shops ( possible as mysterious customer).

  • Consultings and trainings of your sales teams to make them embody and diffuse your Brand's Soul at all stages of your customer experiences.



Thanks for your Message !

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